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Korean artists EXN (을씨년) and lIlBOI (릴보이) recently released the best hamburger song of 2022, a funky number that encapluates the true essence of the Gen Z era, a true love-hate relationship between a girl and her hamburger.  

Who Are They?

EXN (을씨년), born Joo Hee-won (주희원) is a South Korean rapper who debuted under Unusual Sound in 2021.11  

Whiel Lil Boi (릴보이; stylized as lIlBOI), born Oh Seung-taek (오승택) is a South Korean rapper who debuted under GRDL as a member of Geeks in 2011. He later debuted as a solo artist in 2018.12  

Hamburger Song

On the outside, the song itself sounds like an inner battle between a woman and her love of hamburgers.  However, when you dive deeper into the lyrics, it becomes clear that it could represent any type of social connection, one where love and hate co-exist side by side.  That's why the track is so relatable.  Who hasn't experienced those kind of feelings and emotions at some point in life?  

This song could easily be an anthem for all love-hate relationships, one that is shared by people of every identity, whether it's flesh and blood or just a burger.  Yet, in all honesty, and partially due to our never-ending devotion for sandwiches both big and small, we truly hope her and the hamburger ride bilissfuly into the sunset together.  

Sandwich is life.  Sandwich is forever.  

Regardless of its meaning, one thing is certain, it's easily the best Hamburger song of the year!

Hamburger Song by EXN (을씨년) (Feat. 릴보이 (lIlBOI))

sloppy joes devils music

Let's be honest, it's hard to place Sloppy Joe's in any specific category.  They define themselves as upcomers in the New Wave Of Classic Rock, yet they cover songs by Paul Anka, Billy Ocean, and Tom Jones.  This is not your typical Hard Rock Band.  

However, while Sloppy Joe's pays homage to the classics, many of their best songs are original, fast-paced, day-tripping, high adrenaline rockers.  Tracks such as Devil's Music, The Journey, and Mirror are so intense, they will set your speakers on fire.    

In order to understand the range and depth of Sloppy Joe's music, Last Sandwich decided to rank the Top 25 Songs By Sloppy Joe's, and then display it in the chart below.  We've also included a column which shows the original singer of each cover song.  

Top 25 Songs By Sloppy Joe's (Band)

1Means So MuchSloppy Joe's2019 
2Eat Sloppy Joe'sSloppy Joe's2016 
3The JourneySloppy Joe's2019 
4DianaSloppy Joe's2016Paul Anka 1957
5Right DecisionSloppy Joe's2016 
6Devil's MusicSloppy Joe's2019 
7MirrorSloppy Joe's2019 
8It's My PartySloppy Joe's2021Lesley Gore 1963
9Don't You Want MeSloppy Joe's2014The Human League 1981
10Love Really Hurts Without YouSloppy Joe's2013Billy Ocean 1976
11Lonesome No.1Sloppy Joe's2016Don Gibson 1961
12DelilahSloppy Joe's2013Tom Jones 1968
13We Wish You a Merry ChristmasSloppy Joe's2021Arthur Warrell 1935
14Sheena Is A PunkrockerSloppy Joe's2016Ramones 1977
15Some Broken Hearts Never MendSloppy Joe's2013Don Williams 1977
16Make Some NoiseSloppy Joe's2016 
17Save Your SoulSloppy Joe's2019 
18Hot StuffSloppy Joe's2013Donna Summer 1979
19Don't Pay The FerrymanSloppy Joe's2019Chris de Burgh 1982
20Right Decisionn (Acoustic Version)Sloppy Joe's2016 
21Without YouSloppy Joe's2016Badfinger 1970
22These Bootsn Are Made For WalkingSloppy Joe's2013Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazlewood 1966
23Ups 'N DownsSloppy Joe's2019 
24Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For YouSloppy Joe's2013George Benson 1985
25Wall Of SoundSloppy Joe's2019 

Latest Videos

The band's most recent album is titled "Devil's Music", and contains mostly hard rocking numbers set to max on the volume dial.  However, one of the best songs is a power balled called "Means So Much".

Means So Much by Sloppy Joe's

One of Sloppy Joe's best covers is an amped up version of Don Gibson's Country Music Hit, "Lonesome Number One".   A classic from 1961, you start to realize that Sloppy Joe's may be a rock band that even a Grandmother could love.  

Lonesome No. 1 by Sloppy Joe's

Just for some comparison, please listen to Gibson's original Country Western version.

Lonesome Number One by Don Gibson (1961)

Another great cover, which sounds even better than the Don William's original, is Sloppy Joe's version of "Some Broken Hearts Never Mend".

Some Broken Hearts Never Mend by Sloppy Joe's (Germany)

We've included links to their most recent album below.

mchotdog 04 crop

Basketball legend Allen Iverson once told his fans they could always say "my man is solidified" after he was enshrined into the NBA Hall Of Fame.  When it comes to the Rap Game, MC Hotdog is "solidified" as they come.    

In some ways, the two global icons have a lot in common.  Iverson was the underdog, the overachiever, the misunderstood; and had the most loyal fans in the NBA.  Much like Iverson, MC Hotdog is fighting his own battles, as his newest music videos are slowly scraping and clawing up the Youtube Trending charts. 

With new MVs such as Sugar Mommy (阿姨), Lab Rats (白老鼠), and They Ain’t Rappers At All (他們根本不是Rapper), MC Hotdog is showing that he's still at the top of his game.  

So, in order to erase any future doubts, Last Sandwich wants to present this esteemed rapper a special award.  We would like to officially recognize MC HotDog (熱狗) as "Sandwich Rock Solidified".  From this day forward, let there be no question who is the G.O.A.T. of Taiwanese Rap.  

MC Hotdog fans around the world can now say, "my man is sandwich rock solidified."

Latest Music Videos

Let's take a look at one of his most recent songs, Sugar Mommy (阿姨).  It's a very funny and entertaining music video.  

Sugar Mommy (阿姨) by MC HotDog (熱狗)

Next up is the most recent release from the MC, called "Lab Rats (白老鼠)".

Lab Rats (白老鼠) by MC HotDog (熱狗)

And finally, the third Music Video released in the past two months, a song with an incredible groove called, "They Ain't Rappers At All (他們根本不是Rapper)".

They Ain’t Rappers At All (他們根本不是Rapper ) by MC HotDog (熱狗)

Allen Iverson Solidified

And for those of you who want to know what it means to be "solidfied", check out Allen Iverson's 2016 Basketball Hall Of Fame Acceptance Speech.

sandwich rock

Let's address the elephant in the room, there are too many Sandwich Rock bands that share the same name.  For some reason, Rock and Roll bands love to name themselves after the most popular sandwiches, and that's a big problem.  

When two bands choose the same name, Google and Bing will combine their information in search results, and will attribute songs and lyrics to the wrong bands.  It's quite the condundrum.  Our mission today is to reduce the confusion and try to make sense of it all.  

The 1st thing we wanted to do was determine which sandwich names are chosen by bands the most.  After extensive research, we took our results and created a simple table of the top 10 sandwich names used by bands.  

Top 10 Sandwich Names Used By Rock Bands

#Sandwich Name
4Ham Sandwich
6Sloppy Joe
7Jam Sandwich
8Tin Sandwich
9Grilled Cheese
10Hot Club Sandwich
11The Cheeseburgers
12Knuckle Sandwich

The 2nd thing we wanted to do was to research which bands fell into each sandwich category. We organized the bands by their sandwich names, determined what country they were from, and tried to organize their social links. 

To make it easier, we created a simple chart with examples of Sandwich Rock bands who share the same name, along with Social and Article links, so you can learn more about the bands.  (We only showed the Top 2 Bands for each Sandwich Name.)  

Sandwich Rock Bands Who Share Same Name

#ArtistOrigin CountrySocial LinksArticle
1SandwichPhilippinesFacebookTop 10 Sandwich Songs
2SandwichIndonesiaFacebookSandwich Gives Hope
3CheeseburgerUSA (New York)LastSandwichTop 25 Cheeseburger Songs
4CheeseburgerUnited KingdomFacebookPossibly, in the near future.
5HamburgerUnited KingdomFacebookHamburger Sandwich Masterpiece
6HamburgerAustraliaFacebookPossibly, in the near future.
7HamsandwicHIrelandFacebookTop 25 HamsandwicH Songs
8Ham SandwichUSALinkTreePossibly, in the near future.
9HotdogPhilippinesFacebookPossibly, in the near future.
10HotdogNew ZealandFacebookPossibly, in the near future.
11Sloppy JoeGermanyFacebookTop 25 Sloppy Joe's Songs
12Sloppy JoeUSA (Texas)FacebookPossibly, in the near future.
13Jam SandwichUSA (Massachusetts)FacebookPossibly, in the near future.
14Jam SandwichUSA (Missouri)FacebookPossibly, in the near future.
15Tin SandwichUSA (Connecticut)FacebookPossibly, in the near future.
16Tin SandwichUSA (California)FacebookPossibly, in the near future.
17Grilled CheeseUSA (New York)FacebookPossibly, in the near future.
18Grilled CheeseUSA (California)FacebookPossibly, in the near future.
19Hot Club SandwichNew ZealandFacebookWho Sings It Better?
20Hot Club SandwichUSA (Washington)FacebookWho Sings It Better?
21The CheeseburgersUSA (Oregon)FacebookPossibly, in the near future.
22The CheeseburgersUSA (Illinois)FacebookPossibly, in the near future.
23Knuckle SandwichCanada (Ontario)FacebookPossibly, in the near future.
24Knuckle SandwichUSA (New Jersey)FacebookPossibly, in the near future.

Finally, the 3rd thing we wanted to do was pick the Top 2 Bands from each category, give a brief description of who they are, and then share one song out of those two bands.  

Our main goal was to eliminate confusion when we searched for bands with similar sandwich names in Google or Bing, and try to seperate any overlaps in the search results.  It took some work, but we feel that our goal was partially accomplished and the bands are easier to follow now.  

So, without further ado, here are Last Sandwich's favorite two bands from each sandwich category in the "Top 10 Sandwich Names" list.

Our Favorite Top 10 Sandwich Bands (Who Share A Name)

1.  Sandwich

<S>andwich (Philippines)

Sandwich (stylized as <S>andwich in earlier releases) is a Filipino alternative rock band from the Philippines. The band consists of lead vocalist Raimund Marasigan, guitarists Diego Castillo and Mong Alcaraz, bassist Myrene Academia and drummer Mike Dizon.  

Sandwich (Indonesia)

Sandwich is an Indonesian alternative rock band that does band covers, as well as create their own original songs.  They have a very unique and defining sound.  

Here is a song by Sandwich (Indonesia) called "MALU", which really tugs at the heart strings.

MALU by Sandwich (Indonesia)

2.  Cheeseburger

Cheeseburger (New York, USA)

Cheeseburger is a hard rock band that is based in New York, and has had their music appear in movies, video games, and adult-oriented cartoons.  One of their band members helped originate the Adult Swim animated series called "Superjail!", and had his band, Cheeseburger, create the theme music for it.  

Cheeseburger (UK)

Described by some as Spaghetti Western music gone wild, their last album appears to be from 2006, and an EP from 2018.  They have a very odd, unique sound and style of music.

Make sure you pump up the volume, because here is a hard rocking song by Cheeseburger (New York, USA) called "Suzy".  

Suzy by Cheeseburger (New York, USA)

3.  Hamburger

Hamburger (Bristol, UK)

Hamburger is a 6-piece Indie-pop band that released an album in 2020, called Teenage Terriefied, that is a fine blend of alien lyrics with a surrealistic sound.

Hamburger (Adelaide, Australia)

Hamburger release two EPs and an Album between 2015 to 2019, with an instrumental, new age sounds.  As far as we can tell, the band consists of a guy named Brendan, who comes from Adelaide, Australia.

Here is an obscure Sandwich Rock pick from 2020, "Seafood" by the band Hamburger (Bristol, UK).

Seafood by Hamburger (Bristol, UK)

4.  Ham Sandwich

HamsandwicH (Ireland)

HamsandwicH is an Irish indie rock band from Kells, County Meath.  Several Top 25 Albums on the Irish charts helped build their status as one of the most popular live bands in Ireland.   

Ham Sandwich (USA)

Ham Sandwich describes himself as a "multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, rapper, writer, producer, and artist aiming to make waves within the SoundCloud nerdcore and meme rap scene with his zany, off the wall lyrics and skeletal, creative production."  Our favorite works by Ham Sandwich are the anime-themed raps.  

Listen to Niamh Farrell's amazing vocals on one of our favorite songs, "Fandango" by HamsandwicH (Ireland).

Fandango by HamsandwicH (Ireland)

5.  Hotdog

Hotdog (Philippines)

Hotdog was a Filipino band formed by brothers Dennis and Rene Garcia that achieved fame in the Philippines during the mid-1970s.Their first album, Unang Kagat, was released in 1974 by Villar Records. The album led to the 1975 movie of the same name, also starring the band. The band was credited by local journalists as a major influence on and leading exponent of the Manila Sound, a musical genre popular during that period.

Hotdog (New Zealand)

Hotdog is a rock band based out of New Zealand.

Here is one of the most popular songs from Hotdog (Philippines) that helped define what was called the "Manila Sound".

Bongga Ka Day by Hotdog (Philippines)

6.  Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe (Germany)

Sloppy Joe's is a rock band from Hamburg, Germany. Inspired by true legends such as KISS, Volbeat, Black Sabbath or AC/DC the three rockaholics unleash their own unique style of musical impact. The band is known for energetic classic rock live-performances

Sloppy Joe (USA, Waco, Texas)

Sloppy Joe is a band based out of Waco, Texas.  They most recently won a Best Local Area Band (Wako, Texas) Award for the 10th year in a row.  

Here is Sloppy Joe (Germany) and their most recent single, "Devil's Music".

Devil's Music by Sloppy Joe (Germany)

7.  Jam Sandwich

Jam Sandwich (USA, Massachusetts)

Jam Sandwich plays your favorite classic rock hits, including music by the Rolling Stones, CCR, the Beatles, Tom Petty, the Who, and John Mellencamp.  Based in Massachusetts, USA.  

Jam Sandwich (USA, Missouri)

Jam Sandwich is an energetic cover band from Kansas City. According to their Youtube channel, they play anything and everything with a twist

Here is Jam Sandwich (USA, Massachusetts) singing the John Mellencamp cover of "Small Town".  Watching these guys play their music on the front lawn of someone's house is absolutely awesome!!

Small Town (cover) by Jam Sandwich (USA, Massachusetts) 

8.  Tin Sandwich

Tin Sandwich (USA, Connecticut)

Tin Sandwich plays American roots music, including the Grateful Dead, Creedence, Allman Bros, The Band, and The Kings. They are high energy and hard rocking.  

Tin Sandwich (USA, California)

Tin Sandwich is a neo-vaudevillian harmonica ensemble made up of bass, chord, chromatic and diatonic harmonicas in the spirit of the Harmonicats and the Harmonica Rascals. They play old-time favorites, pop tunes, Balkan melodies, film noir, a tango and anything else that comes to their lips.

Here is Tin Sandwich (USA, California) playing their 3 piece Harmonica harmonies together.  Some of those harmonicas are as big as baseball bats!

Tango Short (Tin Sandwich Introduction) by Tin Sandwich (USA California)

9.  Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese (New York, USA)

Grilled Cheese is a band based out of New York, USA.  

Grilled Cheese (California, USA)

Grilled Cheese is the powerful, party rockin' duo, expert practitioners in the art of creating a fun, high-energy atmosphere. Merseybeat to Rockabilly, Surf to 70's Funk, 80's Pop to HipHop.

We couldn't find any video clips of the two bands, so we found a home-made music video about two kids who love Grilled Cheese Sandwiches instead.

10.  Hot Club Sandwich

Hot Club Sandwich (New Zealand)

In New Zealand, Hot Club Sandwich began with a couple of guys who formed a band that played jazz, swing, blues, and country music, and sang about whimsical topics such as rugby and life. 

Hot Club Sandwich (Washington, USA)

The USA version of Hot Club Sandwich began with a group of gentlemen who formed a band which played jazz, swing, choro melodies, and Venezuelan Joropo rhythms.  They were known for playing the classics of the 1930s and 1940s.

What makes it more confusing is that they both play Jazz, and sometimes even the same song. 

Here is one song that we like by Hot Club Sandwich (Washington, USA) called "J'attendrai".    

J'attendrai by Hot Club Sandwich (feat. David Lange) (Washington, USA)

Bonus Bands

For an added treat, we have included two more bonus Sandwich Bands for your enjoyment.  The Sandwich Rock genre' is quickly growing everyday and these are two new entries to that list.  

11.  The Cheeseburgers

The Cheeseburgers (Oregon, USA)

Located in Oregon, The Cheeseburgers are a Jimmy Buffet tribute band that plays many of Buffet's most popular songs.  They also play some original music, along with danceable Rock and Roll.  They've even opened twice for Jimmy Buffet in Las Vegas.  

The Cheeseburgers (Quincy, IL, USA)

They appear to be a local band that frequently performed in the Quincy, Illinois area.  However, due to Covid-19 and other personal factors, it appears they haven't played for a while.  

In honor of The Cheeseburgers (Oregon, USA), here they are singing a medley of Jimmy Buffet songs and others. 

The Cheeseburgers Medley by The Cheeseburgers (Oregon, USA)

12.  Knuckle Sandwich

Knuckle Sandwich (Ontario, Canada)

Knuckle Sandwich is a Classic rock cover band from Ontario, Canada.  

Knuckle Sandwich (USA, New Jersey)

Knuckle Sandwich is a punk rock band from Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The band has been around since 1989 with line up changes over the years.  

American Song by Knuckle Sandwich (USA, New Jersey)

We will try to update this article whenever new Sandwich Rock Band Names gain popularity.  We hope you enjoyed learning about these talented bands from the World of Sandwich Rock!!  

sandwich band indonesia cover

When it comes to Rock and Roll, even the most mediocre music can be energized by youth, which is exactly what happened with the latest single by an Indonesian Band called Sandwich.  

The lead singer's energy is so infectious, with a voice full of passion, that it carries you through the whole song.  And after you translate and read the lyrics, that youthful idealism becomes even more powerful.  Did we mention the band is pretty good too?  

Two Wheels vs Four Wheels

The name of the song is "Empat Roda", which means "Four Wheels" in English.  As far as we can tell, he is singing to a girl who is fawning over another suitor's fancy car and expensive house, while he is just a simple boy who rides a motorbike, living an ordinary life.  

To put it in context, Indonesia has one of the highest uses of motorbikes in the world, with 112 million motorbikes on the road for a population of 273 million people, which is roughly 41% of the people on two-wheels.  

On the other hand, Indonesia has only 15.9 million cars on the road, which means only 17% of their people are on four-wheels.  Some web sites put Indonesia's car ownership even lower, well under the 8% range.  

In layman terms... car ownership in Indonesia is considered a luxury. 

And that's what makes this song so amazing!  Here is a boy who is part of the 85% on two-wheels, competing against a boy who is part of the 15% on four-wheels.  

It's the classic Indonesian, rich vs poor, four-wheels vs two-wheels, heartbreak love song!

Latest Videos

So, without further ado, here are two videos of the song "Empat Roda" by the Indonesian band called Sandwich.  Listen to both the Live Version and their Official Video.  This band has so much energy, it's infectious!

Sandwich - Empat Roda (Alfresh)

Empat Roda (Official Music Video) by Sandwich

As a bonus, we've translated the lyrics to the song below.  Hopefully, the song's meaning will carry through into English.

Four Wheels Lyrics (translated by Google Translate)

You I have become one
Don't ever compare me to him
He has everything
I'm just what I am

Because I'm not he has four wheels
All I have is two
I'm simple while he is
Have a luxury car and a magnificent house

I can't give you everything
And there's nothing to be proud of
Your family your friends
I better leave you

Because I'm not he has four wheels
All I have is two
I'm simple while he is
Have a luxury car and a magnificent house

Because I'm not him
Got four wheels

Because I'm not he has four wheels
All I have is two
I'm simple while he is
Have a luxury car and a magnificent house

I'm not he has four wheels
All I have is two
I'm simple while he is
Have a luxury car and a magnificent house

I'm not him
Got four wheels

Two Bonus Songs

As an added bonus, here are two more songs by the Indonesian Band called Sandwich, a beautiful tune called "Malu" and a fast cover called "SI Dolly".

Malu by Sandwich

SI DOLLY (Cover) by Sandwich

sandwich band philippines 01

The World's Most Dangerous Sandwich Rock Band is back!  Known for their heavy electric bass sound, the Philippine band known as <S>andwich just released their lastest single, Negatives.   

The music video is a montage of every rock musician's gangster fantasy, complete with Smith and Wessons' and Colt 45s.  However, in the end, it's not the guns that kill, but something far less sinister.  

While we don't really know what the video's storyline is all about, we still enjoy that the Gangster Maven is also the only female member of the band.  

We won't spoil the ending, you will have to watch it for yourself.

Latest Video

Check out the latest single "Negatives" by the Filipino Band named <S>andwich.

Negatives by <S>andwich


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